Dog Sleep-away Camp

This is our in-board or in-kennel training program. In this program your dog stays with us and the professionals at Impawsible Pups take your dog through the beginning and intermediate stages of training. It is then your responsibility to maintain training. While your dog stays with us, he will enjoy day care with other dogs as well as lots of love and attention from our staff.

One of the hardest things about training is consistency. One must give consistent commands, have consistent timing, and practice on a consistent basis. The dog sleep-away camp takes the worry out of training.

During his time with us, your dog will learn sit, down, stay, heel, come, and go to bed. You will also receive private one-on-one instruction with our certified trainer to help you learn how to work with and properly reinforce his behavior.

The most frequently asked question is: If you guys do the training, will my dog only listen to you? The answer is a resounding NO! Think about this: Who trains guide dogs for the handicapped? Professionals do, then the recipients are shown how to work with the dogs once they are trained. Who trains the majority of Police K-9s? Professionals do and then the officer is shown how to work with the dog and maintain his training. Our In-board program simply does the same thing for the pet owner. And on top of it all, we guarantee our work! You won’t regret making this easy on yourself.

Train While You Work

This is a great option for families who want a well-trained dog but who can’t bear to be parted from their loved one. In this program, your dog will learn everything from the sleep-away camp but will return home every evening, tired from daycare and having learned something new.

At the end of her training, you will receive a private lesson to teach you everything your dog has learned during her training.

Private Courses and Lessons

Sometimes you want to be the one to train your dog, but you need a little help. That’s where we come in! With a number of one-on-one course options available to you and your dog we can work on everything from basic obedience to off-leash control to behavior modification. Our courses and lessons often involve working with other dogs and taking field trips so you can learn how to work with your dog in a variety of situations.

Behavior Modification

Some dogs have more issues than just obedience. Your dog may know how to sit when you ask, but he may chew the side of your house as soon as you leave him alone. Or your dog could be the one that always bites the mailman (not to mention other people). Whether your dog is fearful, anxious, or just considered a bully, Impawsible Pups will work with both you and your dog to create a loving, happy relationship.

If you are interested in training or have any questions about our training services, please contact Brittney.

Basic Manners Group Class

This course is perfect for new dog owners and anyone who just wants to create a stronger bond with their dog. Over the course of 6 weeks we will cover everything from basic socialization to nutrition to how to walk on a leash. Use this class as a way to gain a better understanding of your dog's needs and to create a line of communication between you and your dog.

Classes are held on Tuesday evenings at 6pm. The next series will start March 6th and run until Apr 10th. Call or email to sign up today!

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